Stoneleigh Country Club, Round Hill Virginia

Stoneleigh, Round Hill Virginia

Stoneleigh Country Club was once a gentleman’s estate and premier dairy farm serving the Washington market. Stoneleigh’s modern history dates back to the early 1700’s, when the abundant game and fertile hills attracted pioneers. Today, Stoneleigh remains untouched by modern expansion. The quiet woods and gentle breezes remain as they have throughout history. The Stoneleigh property is situated west of the town of Round Hill at the base of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In the late 1980′s the Stoneleigh Group began renovating the buildings and property with the vision of creating a superior golf course and golf community.

Stoneleigh is home to The Stoneleigh Golf and Country Club. Designed in the Scottish tradition of blending and complementing the natural terrain, Stoneleigh’s golf course plays up Round Hill through meandering apple orchards, preserving the estate buildings, stone structures and outbuildings. Capturing the true essence of beauty and serenity, the course is as challenging as it is impressive, consistently receiving high marks.

We specialize in Creatively Marketing and Selling Residential Real Estate in Stoneleigh. We provide professional and discreet Real Estate service to meet your needs and maintain your privacy simultaneously. Our Stoneleigh Real Estate expertise will alleviate the concerns that occur during the Home Selling process. From our first contact, we strive to exceed your expectations. I would rather turn you down than let you down!

“When It’s SOLD In Stoneleigh, The Butler Did It!”

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