Stress & Chaos ~ Do We Secretly Like It?

Stress & Chaos - Do We Secretly Like It?Did you ever have one of ‘those’ days? Well I did yesterday. I was very full of myself and I’d had enough so I walked into my Broker’s office and asked if he had a couple of minutes for a a counseling session. He looked me dead in the eyes and said “You are your own worst enemy and I think you like the way things are right now.” I’ve got to tell you. I was on the verge of livid! He took the time to listen to my thoughts and gave me a few more thoughtful & helpful observations and ended as he ALWAYS does by saying “Now Go Sell Something!“.

I left his office and was still pretty mad about him thinking I like the way things wind up when they’re stressful & chaotic and seemingly out of control. I could NOT, however, totally dismiss the statement as the situation has been the same for longer than I’ll admit here. So here’s what I learned:

  1. The situation will never improve with the same thinking that actually created it.
  2. Circumstances that are difficult are NEVER an excuse for lack of action.
  3. When the pain or consequence of the circumstance is bad enough, change WILL occur!

So the question for all of us who find ourselves in difficulty is “Do we secretly like where we’re at?”. If we truly don’t we’ll think and act accordingly. 

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