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Leesburg Real Estate ~ Homes For Sale In Beacon Hill

Leesburg VA Real Estate ~ Homes For Sale In Beacon Hill Leesburg VA

Leesburg Real Estate: Beacon Hill Homes For Sale Beacon Hill offers a unique blend of private country living with easy access to shopping and employment centers. Beacon Hill offers estate homes built on 1 to 11 acre home sites in an 1,100 acre reserve. Majestic views abound. You’ll see mountains, lakes, woods, and a members only 27-hole world class championship golf course, designed by Johnny Miller from almost any window of many of the homes! Beacon Hill also offers an Equestrian Center which includes barns and stables for boarding, riding rings and miles of riding trails for the equestrian enthusiast.

  • There are currently 13 homes for sale in Beacon Hill ranging from $969,000 – $2,500,000.
  • One new home for sale came on the market in Beacon Hill this week.
  • 1 home for sale in Beacon Hill received & ratified contracts this week.
  • No homes for sale in Beacon Hill were “Sold & Settled” this week.
  • *There is currently a 13 month supply of homes for sale in Beacon Hill.

* Based on the ratio of homes for sale -vs- homes that have been SOLD for sale in the last 30 days.

We specialize in Creatively Marketing and Selling Residential Real Estate in Beacon Hill. We provide professional and discreet Real Estate service to meet your needs and maintain your privacy simultaneously. Our Beacon Hill Real Estate expertise will alleviate the concerns that occur during a real estate transaction.

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Summertime Thaw

Homes For Sale ~ When It's SOLD, The Butler Did It!For months I’ve been saying that our market is vibrant and that the national statistics you hear about the real estate market aren’t indicative of the Northern Virginia Real Estate market! Well, it looks like our good fortune is spreading. Here’s an except from my Broker’s (Scott MacDonald) blog today.

At times I feel like a broken record – our market is different, we aren’t impacted like the rest of the country, we are seeing houses sell, etc.  Well, it looks like other areas are beginning to experience what we are experiencing here in Northern Virginia.  In a recent article on MSNBC it has been reported that existing home sales are up 3 months in a row – check it out here: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/32104105/ns/business-real_estate/from/ET – thanks for sharing Kendall Bennett.  I am not sure if they are experience the number of multiple contract situations we are facing in the lower and upper price ranges like we are, but we will find out.  However, I am sure they are having challenges with HVCC as it is a nationwide problem and they will experience the same problems we will have with H.E.R.A. as well – thanks Mindy Littleton.  Please be sure to review the H.E.R.A. rules to give our clients the right advice with timing on closings with the new rules being implemented July 30.

In addition to the great news on existing home sales, new home starts were revised and reported to be up 3.6% in June over May 2009 numbers to an annualized rate of 562,000 – check it out even though it is a negative in regards to numbers “anticipated” last year: http://www.census.gov/const/newresconst.pdf. It is our hopes – even though hope isn’t a strategy – that with more good news like this, the media will start to report “our story” of success!

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Throughout Northern Virginia, unemployment is comparatively low, housing inventory is low and housing demand has risen. We are in a Seller’s Market! Almost every property that is listed at $400,000 or less, that is priced well and shows well is winding up in multiple contract offer situations. My question is this:

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are thinking of selling your home, now is a great time! Contact me today with any questions.

“When It’s SOLD, The Butler Did It!”

Expert Opinions on Our Market

Each month for over 4 years, RE/MAX Gateway has gathered top real estate agents to discuss the market, trends and future of our business.  Here is what we discussed this week:

Unprofessional agents are controlling a lot of the business out their today.  Lack of returned phone calls, delays in presentations, incorrect information listed in MLS, and general lack of respect for fellow Realtors.

The short sale process is taking even longer as banks appear to be more disorganized than the previous several months.  Paperwork isn’t being logged, lost or is being asked to be resent for verification.  In some instances, short sales have been lost to foreclosure as there is no communication within the bank.  In one scenario, the seller’s suffix wasn’t at the end of their name on some paperwork so the lender closed the file without notifying any of the parties in the transaction – just reported no updates at this time for 3 weeks before realizing they had actually closed the case.  There is no end in sight as more short sales continue to come on the market.  A uniform process should be implemented by banks to streamline the process and allow more short sales to go through.

Appraisals are still a leading concern.  The HVCC process is extremely disorganized and has many flaws.  Here are some examples:  An appraiser was assigned to do an appraisal in Alexandria VA and the appraiser was from Aberdeen MD – nearly 100 miles away.  An appraiser was assigned an appraisal in Oakton VA and they were from Waldorf MD – over 75 miles away.  Two appraisals were done on a property in Piedmont – one was $550,000 the other $635,000 on a sales price of $600,000 – the underwriter said both were flawed and said the house was only worth $590,000 – they were in OKLAHOMA!  How can they say what a property is worth when they aren’t familiar with our market and more importantly – never saw the house and based their opinion on 2 flawed appraisals?  Many of the appraisers aren’t following through on their commitments and add to delays in approvals by taking 10 to 14 days to get their appraisals in to the lender.  Values are being surpressed by unprofessional, uneducated, and inexperienced appraisers who are the low bidders for appraisals through Appraisal Management Companies.

Average sales prices are down for everyone in the group – more first time buyers, fewer move up buyers, and investor purchasing low priced homes for investment opportunities.

We continue to have pent up demand for housing.  The market is on fire below $450,000 with multiple contracts on virtually every home that is in good condition, shows well and is priced right.  With many properties experiencing multiple contract situations, agents are starting to look at new homes as an option.  There are tons of calls coming in from buyers – many have a huge back log of buyers but no inventory to sell them.

We still are not seeing foreclosures flood the market as has been discussed for nearly 9 months.  Our inventory levels are down to May 2005 levels and if they were to come on the market, we could absorb the inventory with the pent up demand we have in our marketplace.

We were encouraged to remain optimistic, to be proactive in reaching out to move up buyers, educate the public on the opportunities available and as always,  to go sell something!

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What’s Happening With Appraisals?

Check out this petition that summarizes the situation very nicley.


“When It’s SOLD, The Butler Did It!”

Homes For Sale ~ Home Values ~ Northern Virginia

As a veteran Realtor, I am repeatedly asked specific questions about today’s market – especially in today’s economy. In an effort to provide more information to my community, I am posting this Top 5 Real Estate Social Networking Systems “e-Article,” to provide you with more useful real estate information.

Don’t Wait – Increase Your Home’s Value Now

In today’s climate of dwindling home values, I am often asked, “How do I make my home worth more without spending a lot?”

To elevate the value of your home, a detailed and specific assessment of your home, and the homes against which it will compete in the market, is necessary. A professional home inspection-especially for those who are not planning to sell their home soon-can go a long way towards increasing the value and creating demand for your home, and can help you plan for expenses if there is work to be done.

As a Member of the Top 5 in Real Estate NetworkR, I am committed to maximizing the potential of my clients’ homes. Having your home professionally inspected well before putting it on the market-or when you’re not even planning to put it on the market-has a number of advantages:

1. For a relatively minor investment, you will have the opportunity to review an objectively prepared assessment of the condition of your home’s structure, systems and amenities.

2. Everything else being equal, your inspection report should be consistent with the report prepared by your buyer’s inspector, virtually eliminating stressful surprises when your home is on the market one day.

3. You will have the opportunity to decide whether to do the work yourself or to have the work contracted while time is on your side.

4. The greatest value of proactive inspection is that the decision to repair vs. replace will be yours alone. A buyer may use the replacement of the air conditioner or the roof as a negotiating gambit when a proactive, high quality repair would have been completely satisfactory.

Armed with the facts, you have the alternative of making a completely professional and perfectly functional repair of the roof rather than deducting the expense of replacement from the price. This places you in a much stronger negotiating position.

5. Finally, you will be able to enjoy the new roof, live worry free with the new water heater or use your new air conditioner and enjoy its higher energy efficiency. When you and your family are ready to move up, relocate, downsize or retire, you can put your home on the market with peace of mind, and concentrate on moving forward rather than looking back upon the costly repairs that you should have made.

Not only will buyers associate a specific value based on your home’s “move-in” condition, but by addressing major repair/replacement issues, you will diminish competition from newer and better maintained homes on the market. Also, you will not have to worry about inspection issues arising at the last minute that could stop your transaction cold especially when this stress could have been avoided. For more information about home inspection, visit www.ashi.org, the website of the American Society of Home Inspectors, or, in Canada, www.cahpi.ca, the Canadian Association of Home & Property Inspectors.

“When It’s SOLD, The Butler Did It!”